A new car…


I’ve never owned a car outright, as long time readers might recall from this post. That’s all about to change! I have decided at the ripe old age of 31, that it’s time to buy my very own car.  It due to some frustrations by the limitations of work’s car – I can only drive …
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Sarajevo – the place that impacted me the most


Of the four countries, and five cities we visited on our European tour, I will empathically say, Bosnia was the ‘best’.  Best is a tough thing to say when I explain why I found it the most impactful.  This is a city that, IN MY CHILDHOOD, suffered a civil war for 44 months.  People starved, …
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Sarajevo, Bosnia – Day 1

The fmaous bridge near which prompted a World War

We flew from Istanbul to Sarajevo Our flights was “interesting”.  There were a lot of children, and they weren’t particularly well disciplined.  I think we heard ‘Please sit down’ close to 100 times on the PA by the flight attendant.  I gather the children were not English speakers, and the flight attendants were not Turkish …
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Hammam (Turkish Spa) Day


Knowing we had an early departure the following morning for our flights, I  let Rory make the most of our dark curtains to sleep in. Til about noon! The pesky air con seeks on a timer so it required putting on again if you wake hot. Anyhow, Bucharest had decidedly non black out curtains and …
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Five star LivetoList in Turkey

Just wow right?

Heads up – this is a long post, and doesn’t even begin to capture half the photos I want to share! Let’s say five star LivetoList reared her head. The bathroom in our original Istanbul hotel was tiny, which was fine. However, the toliet didn’t flush strongly. There was black mouldy from a shower or toilet …
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Turkey photo and day 1


Thanks to Rory’s astute research we needed an electronic visa to enter turkey for about AUD50. I did this prior to leaving Australia and printed it at work before leaving. Sadly I didn’t add it into the ordered sheaf of print outs I had and so didn’t have it at the immigration counter. And English …
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The less fun parts of travel


Sorry to more regular readers – I did travel for three weeks, to four countries (Russia, Romania, Turkey and Bosnia), but I seem to blog in fits and spurts, and the part three weeks took my attention away from the blog.  I have spent time drafting posts for the remaining two countries, and all my …
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Are we out of the forest yet?

Yep, mine is mini.  Rory is on Pokemon Go.

The below is one of the days we had in Moscow: Today I’d decided we’d head north east to a market where souvenirs were plentiful but cheaper. I’d prepped myself on the first few letters of our metro stop (backwards N, backwards 3/e etc) and figured it’d simply be the dark blue metro a number …
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Communism tour in Romania

The People's Palace

So, Bucharest is largely flat. Which explains why both our hotel and the city offer bikes, and there are also dedicated bike lanes in places. Also, the city’s layout is a little haphazard. Sydney’s suburbs aren’t on a grid but it can be explained by the hills and sandstone. Here, it’s not clear why streets …
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Romania Day 2

A bookstore I read about before leaving, and sought out

It’s clear why this was (or is) called a Paris of the west, with the beautiful tin (?) cupolas and ornate ironwork on balconies. But it’s also gosh darn grimy and a little… disobedient feeling. There is SO much tagging (I think they could work on locking down spray cans a little more). Even on …
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